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When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong: Raven-Symone


By: Eden

Black social media has been set on fire after the exclusive interview Oprah had with famed child actor Raven-Symone. 

And I must say……………I am so fucking tired of it. 

It’s a classic case of a celebrity believing that their way of thinking is so profound and thought provoking……only to soon realize they’re more of an asshole than what they originally thought.

It happened with Zoe Saldana.

John Mayer caught the heat.

Jayden Smith continues to baffle us all with his 140 characters or less of Blue’s Clues. 

Now we can add little Olivia to that list. 

If you haven’t seen the video by now, take two minutes out of your day to check this out:



So now that you’ve watched it let’s break it down.

She finally confirmed what we all knew for a year or so now. 

She’s gay. Or bi. You appreciate women. Whatever, no big deal.

Raven likes to keep her private life private. Which she’s been very good at. 

Then the interview heads into some tricky shit. You don’t want to be labeled Raven? Okay. And I was fine with that. 

"A human who loves humans…."


I like humans too. Well, some. 

Then she goes……

"I’m an American."


Wait…..where the FUCK did this label come from? I thought we weren’t going to do that?????

"I’m not an African American…….I’m an AMERICAN"


And then Oprah did this


And tried to save her and clean up her words………..

But Raven wasn’t having it.

And she continued to dig her grave.

She confessed to not knowing where her roots were, how far back they go and what country in Africa she’s from. BUT…..she does know her roots are in Louisiana, cause she’s an American! 

A colorless person with lots of things running through her veins. 

Then Oprah went……”Girl you gonna catch it for not saying you’re African American.”

And Raven replied, “Girl I’m not into labels.”

Oprah goes, “What do YOU MEAN?”

And Raven says, “I’m an American. I have darker skin, an interesting grade of hair, I connect with every ethnicity that’s on display at the “It’s A Small World” ride at Disneyland.”

Then in a last attempt to save shit, Oprah classically says, “A melting pot in one body.”

And because the hole wasn’t dug deep enough closer to hell…..Raven replies, “Aren’t we all? Isn’t that what America is suppose to be?” 

Then after that whole two minute and something clip……… Black social media did this all over my damn timelines:


Here’s what I took away from that.

I’m not angry with Raven-Symone.

I don’t give enough shits nor energy to write her a pointless “open letter”. 

And I’m not joining this bandwagon to bash the woman who HAD IT NOT BEEN FOR THIS INTERVIEW, we would have never known what was in that mind of her’s. 

If ANYTHING, I took away what Y’ALL lost motherf*ckers have been doing for years that have poisoned the minds of our African American girls that have them just as damn confused as Raven-Symone. She’s the epitome of what happens when you talk about color around children.

It creates self-esteem issues for dark-skinned girls and self-identity issues for light-skinned girls.

The poor thing doesn’t even know that there’s a deal on LivingSocial RIGHT NOW where she can find out ethnic makeup for $79 with free shipping & handling from http://www.ancestry.com/ (I know cause I bought one and did it!). She needs to know what tribe?  http://www.africanancestry.com/home/

The damn tagline says “Trace your DNA, FIND YOUR ROOTS.”

Personally, what the hell has Raven been doing since “That’s So Raven" and "Cheetah Girls”? She baited you fools and you willing took it like Pookie with a crack rock. If anything, she probably wanted to get a free DNA test from Henry Louis Gates, Jr of “Finding Your Roots" and guess what, she just did. 


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Never Too Old To Beat A Bitch’s Ass


By: Eden

There’s nothing like a group of girlfriends who have your back when you feel like you’re on the verge of a Angela Bassett moment. 

Such was the case for a girlfriend of mine earlier in the week who sent us all a screenshot of this picture from her HUSBAND’S Instagram page. 

While at work, sometimes I engage in a bit of group texting with a bunch of my girls. It consist of my sister, and three other girlfriends. Altogether, two of us are single while the three other are married with children now. So believe me when I tell you, once this screenshot was posted…..WE ALL WENT H.A.M.

Like, what on earth is this peanut butter and jelly bullshit? 

If you didn’t catch the last two comments of the picture, they read:

Dear Handsome: Y am I jus seeing this sexy pic? #sincerly, your future #sidechick 

My homegirl saw this……..ON HER HUSBAND’S PAGE……and replied:

if you leave another fucking comment like this on my husband’s page I’ll give you every bit of side chick, go get a fucking life


Now that we’ve all had a good chuckle for a minute, let’s get serious. 

This has now become a reality for us that the sanctity of marriage isn’t respected because these women idolize being a second rate woman to a man who’s got a family at home. Why is this okay? I mean, do you remember the days when these scallywags were no where to be found? Well thanks to social media and shitty t.v. programming like Love & Hip Hop and Bad Girls Club…..these women have become downright bold and disrespectful.

Plain and simple……THEY DON’T GIVE A FUCK.


It tears me up inside because you would think as a woman, you’d respect another woman’s family but as time goes by…..I see that less and less. 

And here’s another quick lesson for the men out there………STOP HAVING YOUR FUCKING WOMAN FIGHTING THE FIGHT YOU SHOULD HAVE NEVER LET TAKEN PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not engaging and letting someone know to respect your family is the same as ALLOWING the shit to happen. 

What do you fools call it? Oh yeah, “ignoring” them. 

Being silent speaks volumes. And if you don’t speak up and let these tricks know that you’re in a relationship, let alone married, these heifers will keep on disrespecting families. GOOD women, like my homegirl, will have to take a break from being classy and pull out a can whoop ass

Ladies…….I beg you, have some dignity and aspire to be something more than a man’s mere “beck and call girl.”

Fellas…….Do the right thing and speak up for once. It’ll save you SO MUCH trouble in the long wrong.

Couples…..DON’T DO social media period. All I’ve seen is more harm than good……and private life, is a happy one.


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Shit I Know Now I WISH I Knew Back Then: Kenny


By: Eden

So, since I’ve been blogging when I’ve felt like it, I’ve decided to let you all in on a little something something if you haven’t already been informed.

I’ve been in the process of writing a book for the past few years. Writing and scraping and writing and now, after about a year with a clear direction….. I got this AMAZING concept so I’m probably 60% done. 

The idea stems from this blog. People send me amazing messages about how I’ve helped them with advice which I humbly reply back, “I don’t give advice, I give you my experience because I can only speak for myself”.


That’s when the idea came to write this book, “Shit I Know Now I Wish I Knew Back Then”. By the way….it’s copy-written so don’t even THINK about it. It’s literally manifested itself into some sort of “coming of age” journey of over a decade span. Every chapter, is a guy I dated, the story we shared, and the lesson I learned. So I thought in order to get some feedback I’d share just a LITTLE EXCERPT with you all and hope you get a good laugh and take a little piece of me in the process. 

So, here you go! 

Thoughts/comments/and hate are all welcomed! 

Sidebar: Kenny looked EXACTLY like William Levy’s picture above.

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                           Road Rage From The Comfort of My Car”

So I totally forgot about this video in my phone. 

DMV drivers are THE WORSE. 

So about two weeks ago I was REALLY sick with a lung infection…….on my monthly, came home from work rather late…….oh yeah!

And this woman wouldn’t let me merge onto a ramp to get home, then proceeded to give me the finger and pass me by as if I did something wrong!!!!!! I don’t get it.

When a person has their blinker on to cross over, isn’t it just easier to let them over?

Anywho, this was my video after I had gotten home, SAFELY, parked outside my house.


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When I Left The Church Is When I Found God


By: Eden

"Do you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior?"

This was the question that my father asked me while on a walk a few months back.

What was I to say?

Give him the answer I’ve been programmed to say since birth?

Or tell him the truth and what I had come learn about myself and my own sense of spirituality?

Before I get to the conclusion of WHO and WHAT I am…..let me give you a little information about how I came to my place of being.

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Shit That ONLY Happens To Black People In The Work Place


By: Eden

Don’t get me wrong………I LOVE MY CO-WORKERS!

We can laugh……kick it after work….shoot the shit on break.

BUT, when you’re in a industry where the minorities stick out like sore thumbs….you definitely notice shit.

So this was inspired by my co-worker Alley Cat…..you’re a dope ass chick and because of YOU….this fuckery was written.

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Hairfinity Pills….Y’all Heffas Need To Stop The Bullshit

By: Eden

Let me save ya’ll from getting tricked and bamboozled into some bullshit.

I’ve been seeing A LOT of women get fooled into this hair supplement shit in hopes of having waist length hair in a matter of months.

Stop it.

Let me break it down for you.

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Reasons Why You’re Not A Famous Rapper


By: Eden

When I first started blogging, I freelanced for any and everyone I could. Some of my dopest posts have been music related and have garnered me opportunities to meet people I have been fans of and given me a platform to further lend my voice and opinions to more ears and eyes. 


In the 4 years I’ve been doing this shit, I’ve came up with a few reasons as to why SOME OF YOU have not yet quite hit the pinnacle of success you dream of.

Wanna hear it?

Here it go!!!!!

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